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Florida hybridizers were again well represented in the winner's circle for the annual AHS Awards and Honors competition. These awards are determined by the votes of all the AHS Garden Judges, except for the Betrand Farr Award which is determined by the AHS Board of Directors from nominations submitted by the AHS membership and the President's Cup Award which is determined by vote of national convention garden tour participants.

2007 Stout Silver Medal Winner
H. 'Lavender Blue Baby'
Hybridizer - Jack Carpenter
Introduced - 1996
2007 Extra Large Diameter Award
H. 'Darla Anita'
Hybridizer - John Kinnebrew
2007 Don Fischer Memorial Award
Best Miniature
H. 'Iddy Biddy Gal'
Hybridizer: Grace Stamile
2007 Ida Munson Award
Best Miniature
H. 'Night Embers'
Hybridizer: Stamile
2007 Eugene S. Foster Award
Best Late-Blooming Cultivar
H. 'Yabba Dabba Doo'
Hybridizer: Ra Hansen
Introduced 1991
2007 Harris Olson Spider Award
Best Spider or Variant
H. 'Long Tall Sally'
Hybridizer: Trimmer
2007 R. W. Munson, Jr. Award
Best Patterned
H. 'Web of Intrigue'
Hybridizer: Stamile
Florida Sunshine Cup
H. 'Broadway Attraction'
Hybridizer: Stamile

Updated 1/27/2008